Penta Marine Radio Communications is a unique privately operated communication service for yachts, pleasure craft and 4WD land mobiles.Penta Comstat VZX is the station identification and callsign.

Penta Comstat has been providing a personalised service for maritime mobiles for over 20 years. Operating on a range of HF channels from 4 – 22 MHz Penta Comstat has gained both national and international recognition for the service provided for pleasure craft around Australia and the Pacific Ocean.

The HF service was extended in 1993 to include land mobiles in outback Australia.

SeaMail is an e-mail over HF radio service provided under licence to Xaxero Marine Software Engineering Ltd. Penta Comstat VZX provides a continuous automatic HF radio gateway to the Internet for email messages.

Penta Marine Radio Communications also publish a marine radio communications manual which covers everything you need to know about marine radio for Australia and the South Pacific.

The station was relocated from Holgate to Firefly on the NSW mid north coast in February 1998. Penta Comstat ceased operation on 27 MHz and VHF and now only provides a HF service. Please disregard any references to the previous location or 27 MHz and VHF services in the information on this site.