Broadcast Schedule

Date effective


All times are NSW local time

Hours of watch

Normal operator hours of service are 7am – 7pm

Position report skeds

The coastal skeds are on channels 608 and 836 to ensure reliable communications for the Australian east coast.

The long range skeds are on two channels simultaneously commencing with 836 and 1234 then 1642 and 2243.

Weather forecasts and warnings

Forecasts and warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology are broadcast at the times in the Broadcast Schedule.

NSW coastal waters forecast covers from the Queensland border to Gabo Is.

Queensland coastal waters forecast covers the coast from Cardwell to Coolangatta.

North Queensland forecast covers the coast south from Torres Strait to Bowen.

The latest issue of weather forecasts and warnings for all coastal and high seas areas are available on request at any time during our normal hours of service.

Navigation warnings

Coastal navigation warnings for eastern Australia are broadcast with the appropriate position report skeds.

NAVAREA X long range warnings are broadcast with the long range skeds.

Frequency Schedule

Please nominate the frequency/channel you are on when calling.

Selcall available on channels 429, 608, 802, 836, 1203, 1234, 1602, 1642 & 2243 (refer Selcall notes)

Radiophone calls available to Members on channels 429, 608, 802, 836, 1203, 1234, 1602, 1642 & 2243 (refer Members only services)

Other frequencies

MF/HF frequencies 2032, 2524, 4146, 6516 and 8294 kHz are available on request.

Safety service

A radiotelephone interconnect enables vessels on any frequency to communicate directly with either medical or search and rescue authorities for the efficient handling of emergencies.

Penta Comstat is not a volunteer organisation and is not supported by Government funding. The cost of providing the service is covered by the fees of Members who enjoy additional facilities detailed under Members only services.

Voice calling

A voice listening watch is maintained on a range of frequencies detailed in the Frequency Schedule and calls are welcome at any time during the hours of watch.

Please nominate the frequency/channel used and avoid routine calls during weather broadcasts and skeds.

Selcall notes

Selcall (selective calling) is available on all our HF working channels in the Frequency Schedule from 0700 – 1900 hours daily on Selcall ID 0090.

A successful Selcall will be answered immediately by a revertive call of six short tones. We will then acknowledge with a voice response as soon as possible.

Beacon test

A selective beacon test is available on all selcall channels by initiating a “Beacon request” on 0090. This avoids the need to change the Selcall ID between beacon tests and making operator calls.
A beacon test is also available on all selcall channels on 0099 for old model radios without selective beacon facilities.

A successful beacon test will be answered by our transceiver sending four long tones, allowing you to judge the strength of our signal without alerting our operator.

Members only services

Penta Comstat provides a personal service for Members which should cover most of your communications requirements during our hours of service and while you are within our communication range.


Our computer records of your membership information avoid the need for these details being passed over the radio and avoids any delay in passing information on to search and rescue authorities if required.


Penta Comstat can provide the contact between Members and those ashore. Information about your safety and location will be made available to family or friends that enquire and we will advise you if there is a need to make contact with anyone ashore.

Vessels will be called when a message is received and, if no response, at following scheduled broadcast times.

Radiophone calls

Radiophone calls at very reasonable rates are available on any of the HF working channels in the Frequency Schedule.

There are no additional registration fees and full details of the service are covered in HF Radiotelephone Service

After hours service

A Selcall watch is generally maintained 24 hours. After hours Selcalls from 1900 – 0700 hours should be restricted to emergency situations when you consider that Penta Comstat can best handle the traffic.

Position reporting

Positive facilities are provided for coastal and long range reporting. Members are encouraged to lodge Sailing Plans and make regular position reports. Appropriate follow-up action will be taken if reports are not maintained as arranged.

Members that have established themselves on the coastal or long range skeds will be called alphabetically. All position reports are logged and reports from those on the coastal and long range skeds are entered in the computer database to enable prompt access to the information.

There is no need to be involved in other local hand-over reporting through volunteer organisations or any need to pass personal details to other stations. Members should advise they are reporting to Penta Comstat who hold all the necessary details.