The Three Reasons You Have To Get Soundproof Windows Splashback Glass

By on Nov 30, 2017 in Glass |

Can you imagine where your home would be without glass? Can you imagine no mirror, no windows, no TV screen, no cups, no shower screen? That is how vital glass is to any home. You basically find yourself surrounded by it. And with good reason: glass is a strong and reliable material that serves plenty of uses.

But you know what is better than just plain old glass? Splashback glass. This particular design is fast becoming a major component of homes throughout Melbourne. And we are going to tell you three great reasons why you should be lining up and getting some too.

Reason 1: Durable – Thanks To The Heat

What makes splashback glass so durable compared to other glass is that is heat in a very different way. While most glass is toughened and heated to the degrees of the lower 100’s, splashback glass is heated at temperatures of over 600°C. They are then cooled down rapidly by a cold air blast for around 5 to 12 seconds. This extra care ensures that the glass is extra tough and stronger than regular glass. It will provide you with increased resistance to both sudden temperature changes in the kitchen without any issues whatsoever.

Reason 2: The Easiest Maintenance 

When it comes to looking to after tiles or cheap glass, there is a lot of maintenance that needs to be required to ensure it stays in peak condition. You will constantly have to be on the lookout to ensure the glass or tiles are at 100% or less they will go bust in the kitchen. But with splashback glass, it is simple as ever:

•Spray your cleaning solution on the glass and leave it for one minute

•Gently wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towel

And that is it. That is how easy it is easy to keep your glass splashback in great condition. Combine that with its strength and durability that we mentioned in point one and you won’t have to worry about maintaining your splashback at all.

Reason 3: Unlimited Choice Of Styles

When you think about designing your kitchen, you always worry about if you can get the design, style and layout right. Well, with glass splashback you won’t have to worry. There is an unlimited range of colours, metallic colours, matte finishes, gloss finishes, textures, hues and designs that can be applied to any kitchen layout. You can even get your splashback printed with any photo or illustration you desire. There is actually an unlimited field of what you can choose from when it comes to splashback glass.

Now that you have been convinced about the advantages of getting splashback glass i your home, we recommend that you speak to a professional about it. They can provide you with the whole bundle, including selection and installation.

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